"It's a damn Ferrari, brother. Son of a bitch."
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Since about 2006 "Mike Terrorista" has been posting videos on YouTube from his Honda motorcycle as MIKE9MMM, keeping up a running commentary and ogling girls while racing though Sao Paulo traffic at high speed. (Note: some swearing in Portuguese)

(at 2:01 in the video in the first link he spots the Ferrari - Aja!)
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A true badass would do this in oncoming traffic, at night, with no helmet. Seriously, why bother with a helmet at this point?
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It's been a few years since I owned motorcycle. I remember twisting the throttle and going around 120mph down a four lane highway with very little traffic. That was enough for me.
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He seems to be suffering from an excess of hubris. It's not the Ferrari he should worry about, it's the guy pulling out whilst talking on his mobile.
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Well, that was terrifying.
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One of the people the world would be a lot better off without.
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For completeness sake I shall link the last thread we had with an insane russian biker.
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insane Model-T
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There's also the Black Devil in Moscow and Le Prince Noir for all your white knuckle needs. Adrenaline is a hellova drug.
I don't know how some of these guys don't get caught. Mike Terrorista has a facebook account.
But motorcycling vlogging is getting popular.
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Those riders are stupid, irresponsible, selfish, and a danger to their fellow humans. Take away their bikes, forever!
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I think this was pretty much covered in the last "insane biker doing insane things" thread, but there's a huge amount of luck on display in the video. Any one of a thousand things, especially but not limited to an attempted lane change by anyone up to a tenth of a mile ahead, would be insta-death.

So keep in mind that you're basically watching Russian Roulette, only with the risk (for the viewer) of seeing someone kill themselves filtered out by the fact that we're watching a video that they presumably uploaded.

Although I assume, those little GoPro cameras being as tough as they are, that there will soon be — if there aren't already — lots of FPV helmetcam recordings of fatal accidents.
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But not as much as the other motorcyclists on the road with him, I bet.

He seems to be suffering from an excess of hubris. It's not the Ferrari he should worry about, it's the guy pulling out whilst talking on his mobile.

Or an unexpected patch of gravel or oil while he's riding on the shoulder WHY DUDE ACK.
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Someday when he least expects it, some driver, bored with the rush hour wait,
will open up their door to dump out an ashtray.
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I am not really worried about him hitting a car that is changing lanes and flying 60 metres down the road to land in a crumpled mess. That would be entirely his own fault

I am much more worried about other car drivers or pedestrians who may be hit while he is is breaking countless road rules.

I'm also worried about the ambulance people, the doctors and nurses who may one day have to scrape him off the road and put him back together.

As an aside: One thing I have noticed on reality shows like "Cops". There seem to be a set of people that think it is fine to break all the rules or society as long as it suits them... until they are injured. Then they suddenly want help, medical attention etc from the very system that they scorn.

I have really turned into a grumpy old man...
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As a bike rider, I truly dislike these guys. They give us all a bad name, they risk the lives of others, they are selfish and stupid.

As someone who lost a son who was riding a bike in a safe manner when a fool in an suv pulled out in front of him, I would softly tell this guy that, by adding this foolish behavior to an already dangerous activity, his life is measured in days, it isn't worth it, for him or those who love him.
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They give us all a bad name

And make other road users less likely to show care and consideration to other bikers, which is actually a pretty big deal.

You can often tell seasoned riders by just how extremely courteous they are in terms of things like waving thanks to people that let them pass, not tailgating, etc. Making someone in an armoured (relatively) vehicle 5 times your size your enemy is pure idiocy.

Here's hoping the police get him before the road does.
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He seems to be suffering from an excess of hubris.

Not in São Paulo. This seemed pretty tame actually compared to the motor boys I saw on the freeway there. Holy moly!
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That's what they look like with their entrails spattered all over the road.
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there's a huge amount of luck on display in the video.

That's what I wondered as I watched the video. For instance, every time he speed-brushes past a car, there are various odds that car will do something unexpected: a door will open, the car will swerve, etc. For sake of argument, we'll give this motorcyclist the benefit of the doubt and assume that he's judging the circumstances as well as any human could, which means those odds are infinitesimal.

But they exist, and they exist independently for each and every car on both the left and right as he's speeding through traffictraffictraffic. Watch the video. That's a lot of cars, and this is just one video. It sounds like the guy makes a habit of doing this.

I'm not conversant in statistics. I've been told that many gut-instinct guesses are actually fallacies. But...if you keep flipping the coin over and over and over again, eventually it is going to come up tails. It would be interesting to see a casual calculation, if such a thing could be made, about how long this motorcyclist could keep up his behavior before reasonably expecting a door to swing open randomly.
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I have really turned into a grumpy old man...

I am a grumpy old man and I'm quite enjoying this...
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yet he obeys traffic signals...
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So I guess rev limiters *do* get used.
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This is how bikers get around in Brazil´s major cities. It´s a little unnerving when you first drive here. Some constantly hoot their horns as they zap between the lines of cars.
It´s even more freaky at night because you also have the water and Globo itinerent hawkers wandering around through the cars just to add to Brazil´s modo de vida which often comes close to complete confusion.
Oh and as to traffic lights many many vehicles including taxis and buses drive through them.
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assume that he's judging the circumstances as well as any human could

Having just watched the video, I'd have to say: he really isn't.

The UK police/advanced biking recommendation is to follow the 20:20 rule when filtering, i.e. only filter between lanes if the traffic is doing under 20mph, and never do more than 20mph more than they are.

It's not so much doors opening as people switching lanes (which from personal experience can happen very suddenly [e.g. if someone realises they're in the wrong lane, or thinks that the other is moving faster and decide to get in on the action], and isn't rare at all) that are going to be the most likely cause of an accident. There's also a few people out there will deliberately move their car in to close the gap off if they see a bike coming. He's as likely to hit another bike as anything though: at one point he went past one that was fairly slow/stopping - if that guy had stopped and put his foot down to rest the bike then the gap he went through wouldn't be there.
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Some people hear Tiny Tim singing when they go under, and some others hear the song of the Sausage Creature.
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Hadn´t read that one before Tom-B. Many thanks. Damn, that man could write.
Being shot out of a cannon will always be better than being squeezed out of a tube. That is why God made fast motorcycles, Bubba....
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