de Dodo doo, de da da da
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More dodos than you can shake a stick at! The Dodo Blog: "The influence of dodos in the modern culture, in other words, a blog about dodos." Continued at The Dodo Tumblr.Dodos previously & previously
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Now granted, I didn't mine the Tumblr, but it seemed to lack Thursday Next references.
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now this is complete

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Now it's complete. In the opinion of me, age ~7, there is no better cartoon. (edited out redundancy)
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The Dodo Bird Song
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The title of this post is most head-wormy.
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Today I learned that the time between the first and last recorded sightings of living dodos by Europeans was just 64 years.
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Posting this on my Lemmings board. Going to stir some shit up.
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Re: completeness, I searched the blog and visually scanned the tumblr archive, and didn't see any reference to Tiny Toons' GoGo Dodo, but maybe I missed him. Also, anyone who likes "Porky In Wackyland" might also enjoy the 1949 remake "Dough For The Dodo", which has the same sort of surrealism + dodo content, but in color.
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