When is a unicorn like a garden?
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Alison Ann Woodward, aka Alison Wonderland, put together a little art box she called Heirloom that contains an easily disassembled little unicorn, which can then be re-assembled as a little Lewis Carrol-style garden.
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Wow, unicorns are much more complicated inside than I had thought!
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I like the lungs that become a butterfly.
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That's gorgeous!
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Reminds me of the song Homeopathic by Mariee Sioux where she talks about decay and sucession. Which also brings to mind the book Faviken, by Magnus Nilsson, about his restaurant/farm in the Northern woods of Sweden. There is an image there of a perfect little tiny fuzzy lamb lying against the moist spring grass. It is beautiful, but you can't help being sad since it looks like a stillbirth.

I also think of the mushrooms I've been growing, how you can make substrates for them from so many things. It would be nice, after I die, to have someone inoculate my grave with some interesting mushrooms. I won't be there to see it, but it makes me happy to think those mushrooms are there with some part of me.
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So delicate and lovely!
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Wow, that is amazing! Grisly+sweet.
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Wait - I thought ALL unicorns could be re-assembled into little Lewis Carroll-styled gardens?

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