The Existential Adventures of Tim Maia
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Thanks for this. I've been procrastinating doing a post on Tim Maia since I discovered him. That record is fantastic, easily the record I listened to most last year. Obligatory NY Times piece here.
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Thanks pasici! And here's Tim Maia Racional, the double album from his UFO cult period, 1975-76
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Thanks for this! I'm only aware of Tim Maia from his name being the hook in Jorge Ben's "W/Brasil".
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Don't tell my brother-in-law this, but he's getting a Tim Maia CD for his birthday.
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This is great, but if you really want to understand, you have to read the book. The only book.
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It's tricky to catch up on Tim Maia's albums when so many of them are just called 'Tim Maia', but the English language 'Tim Maia' (aka 'Tim Maia em inglÍs') is awesome – Play loud & wait for the horns.
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". . when his royalty payments were late, he would unleash his two Dobermans in the record company president's office"

I wish the old-timey Blues and Soul artists who died broke had emulated his example -- in this regard, at least.
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Sossego, 1978
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