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David Blázquez is a Spanish Photographer whose self portraits have him modelling human furniture. ( Warning: Naked Men no dangly bits)
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I was going to say they can't all be self-portraits, but...looks like they're all self-portraits? Wow.
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Not sure where this artist is coming from specifically, but this is a bonadfide and not-terribly-uncommon fetish. Slightly NSFW (wikipedia article). Very NSFW site with a FAQ Seriously NSFW, I am not joking.
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That's brilliant!
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"She had little hope of survival; she'd lost interest in life, but along comes this very attractive mahogany frame, and now she's a jolly comfortable Chesterfield."
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The bed one is great--it's such a cliched "alone" portrait, but there's secretly bunches of people there...I'm almost feeling weird about my furniture now. Also, I'm amazed a the lack of dangly bits in a couple of these.
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@zinful ... Two words: Duct tape.
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One word: OWWWWW
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Is this all House of Gord stuff?
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Blasquez has nothing to do (as far as I know) with Gord.
He may have been influenced by British Sculptor Allen Jones.
Jones was the inspiration for the Human Furniture in Kubrick´s Clockwork Orange.
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