"The problem with photography is that it only deals with appearances."
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Duane Michals: An unofficial celebration. From portraitist and pioneer of the photographic narrative [Warning: sidescrolling] to metaphysician and poet, Michals' work has done much to promote the idea of photography as an inventive art form. As a gay artist, an oft repeated factoid about Michals is that he has not been involved in gay civil rights; Michals' response to this claim is simple: "I think anybody who does any piece of art or work on a political subject is an activist. A person has to be what he wants the world to be." [NSFW: Nudity]
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There is a serious dearth of well organized galleries of Michals' work online, so I'll add that despite being a bit jumbled this page has a decent selection of his more famous portraits.
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Coincidence: I hadn't thought of this guy for years, and then just last week I posted a link to his sequence 'Take one and see Mt. Fujiyama' on my Facebook page.

Someone had posted a picture that reminded me of the punchline.
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