November 14, 2001
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"A Spear Avenue resident reported a male-type human in his backyard performing the specialty of the breed - stumbling around and cursing. The interloper without portfolio wandered off in a random direction." This quote and more can be found in the Arcata Eye police blotter. (From; also mentioned in a comment in an older thread.)
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This is brilliant. What exactly is the story behind this? The fire log looks more normal, except the links in the index.
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Aw, geez. I thought *everybody* knew about the Arcata Eye Police Log or I'd have posted it here ages ago. Don't miss 07-10-01: "Free-range solipsists in hootful maelstrom." Somebody ought to write that song. Thanks, moz, for making me feel more normal than usual this evening.
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unbeLIEVably insane! what kind of a paper is the Arcata Eye? Is it like the daily paper or is a free newsweekly or what?? Kevin L. Hoover is my new hero- I don't know when I have seen such an excellent interpretation and relaying of life's complete fucking absurdity.
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wow. super duper cool.
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Brilliant. I like the way he's anchored in the community, supported by local advertising, and yet doesn't compromise his relentless humour. I wonder what it'd be like to read his stuff while actually gazing on Main Street...even better, most probably.
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I think the Eye is the main daily in Arcata (which is a little hippie town on the coast, not too far from the Oregon border).
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The Eye is the town's weekly newspaper. There is no daily (difficult for a town with only 2 stop lights). This is a place where a Muslim addresses Jews at a Yom Kippur service taking place at an Episcopal Church.
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check out the classified ads!

LOST CHICKEN KEYS LOST 10/7 Set of keys and electric car door opener attached to rubber chicken. C/o Terrence (826-7535). tfn

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Wow. That very nearly restores my faith in...well, in a lot of things, actually.
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We are talking HUMBOLDT COUNTY here folks...nuff said?
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Wow... I'm bookmarking this now, because I'm afraid that I'm only dreaming it, and it won't be here when I come back tommorow.
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...and they have t-shirts. At last, a Christmas present the entire family can enjoy.
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My local newspaper's log once noted a woman who called the police to report a buzzing in the vicinity of her dresser drawer. Authorities arrived to find a "marital aid" that had been switched on. That was the Police Log Gold Standard for me until I saw this. Thanks Moz!!!!
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I'm going to be working "Quick, somebody invent a clue bong" into my everyday conversation from here on out.
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Don't miss the Arcata gawkers who come out to watch buildings burn down.
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yay! the Eye is my hometown paper - it's nice to see it getting some exposure. kevin hoover, editor of the eye, is a pretty funny guy (and a darn good drummer too).
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fleener: even better is the band that comes out to play when there's a fire.
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oh, modge, I [heart] you and your hometown paper. Please tell Kevin Hoover he's helped keep me sane (such as that is) for some six months now. If I ever get a vacation again, I'm coming to Arcata---where I hope to vacation myself right into the police log ;).
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humboldt state university's weekly paper, the lumberjack, also has a campus police log, which features the always popular Bong Tally (go to Campus, then UPD Clips):

"this week: 1, this semester: 11"...!
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