Am I dreaming?
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Photographer Ronen Goldman recreates images from his dreams.
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One: The Magician photo could easily be a Tom Waits album cover.

Two: He seems to dream of apples a lot.

Three: It looks Joshua Jackson in at least three of those pics.
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Apples and people with things other than their heads as heads.

Seems about right.

The photos are gorgeous and as surreal as any dream I've had.
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I'll have whatever he's having.

(Love the iguanas one.)
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Oddly, for someone who likes surrealism and abstraction, my dreams are much more realistic in the visual sphere and much weirder in terms of plot. I'd pay pretty good money to have dreams that were as visually interesting as this guy.
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I rarely remember my dreams (if I really have any.) Those that I can recall are uniformly dull. No nutty imagery. No doing crazy stuff. Just...nothin' much.
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Yeah, since adulthood, as soon as anything really weird happens, I go into "what's more probable: that that really happened, or that my reality-sensing/-comprehending is somehow impaired?" which immediately gets me out of the dream. I know, I'm no fun.
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My first thought was that his dreams seem to all be Magritte based surrealist pastiches. But maybe this is unfair, and I need to consider the possibility that I've been plagiarizing David Lynch's Inland Empire every night.
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Very nice.
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My most exciting dream I ever remember (I very rarely remember them) was me walking along a bench and falling off.
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