"Welcome to Sockpuppet Theater..."
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"...on the Internet, a sockpuppet is an alternate account that lets people post anonymously. And that's where we get our drama." Based on, and linked to, actual comment exchanges at LiveJournal, YouTube and elsewhere, performed by some of the top voiceover artists* and lip-synced by... duh, sockpuppets! So obviously they had to call it Sockpuppet Theater. In the words of your host, Jonas Sock, "How Meta.**"

*including April Winchell (whose non-vocal projects include Regretsy), Billy "Fry/Zoidberg/Farnsworth" West, and, in the latest episode, the guys who voiced Pinky and the Brain together again... but doing different voices. Narf.

**Surprisingly, they haven't found material here... yet.
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Quality find, old man.
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Is this Scott Adams' new project?
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Between this and the Sifl & Olly resuscitation, all my sockpuppet needs have already been met for the 2010 decade. Fast work, and well done, internet! [/me checks box off]
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I didn't quite understand the "Tech Support" one. I'm not sure how it's an example of a rigged forum.
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Not even socks could keep the Jennifer Anniston Beauty Tips one from becoming utterly depressing.
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Love the Winch. Can we take up a collection and commission them to do one of our flame-outs? I pretty much think of elizardbits as a plush toy already.
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Meh. Pretty flat.
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Now I know way too much about the phrase "sweet Fanny Adams."
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Y'know, the backgrounds and the minor actions in the backgrounds are really detailed and nice.
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I've never seen a sock push a library cart before. With its nose.
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*furiously knits a bucket of hugs*
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I have always found sock puppets (the fuzzy kind) hilarious and adorable. So I bet I'll like this.
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...these are freaking funny and I want more. STOP KILLING YOUR PETS is my favorite.
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Given the voice talent here, it might be better consumed by ear alone; drag the video off-screen and just listen to the video.
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The voice talent is amazing but sockpuppets are really cute. I also love the effort they put into detailing the backdrops.

I like Fred Tatasciore's voice and character a lot. Sort of a Jed Bartlett of socks.
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- They include a link to the original discussion thread. Just in case you didn't believe it really happened.

- They have open comments below each video. I can't wait to see those erupt in angry arguments too.
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The backgrounds in these are AMAZING. Major points to whoever's making the Sockbucks logo and that stuff, but all the cubicles, airport scenes, stuff like that-- even the ones without hidden funny things and/or other socks in the background-- are fantastic and add a lot of flavor to the videos.
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This is excellent. Even if they don't, strictly speaking, seem to be about sock puppets.
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