Pepys in reruns
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In case you missed it the first time around, on January 1 Phyl Gyford launched another cycle of daily posts by Samuel Pepys, the British diarist who started his journal on Jan. 1, 1660. The previous cycle started Jan. 1, 2003 and finished May 31, 2012. Previously.

The relaunch is still kind of in beta — the ability to comment or "annotate" has not yet been turned on, although you can read the original 2003 annotations, to which MeFi's own languagehat was a regular contributor.
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Also previously.

Shit, this is bad news for me, since I always kind of excused myself for not keeping up with the daily posts because I did not start at the beginning.
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Pepys also tweets, if you'd prefer him in smaller doses.
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Pepys Blue?
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That's good news...a lot of people enjoy stale Pepys, it seems.
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(Sunday) In the morning I went to Mr. Gunning’s, where a good sermon, wherein he showed the life of Christ, and told us good authority for us to believe that Christ did follow his father’s trade, and was a carpenter till thirty years of age. From thence to my father’s to dinner, where I found my wife, who was forced to dine there, we not having one coal of fire in the house, and it being very hard frosty weather. In the afternoon my father, he going to a man’s to demand some money due to my Aunt Bell, my wife and I went to Mr. Mossum’s, where a strange doctor made a very good sermon. From thence sending my wife to my father’s, I went to Mrs. Turner’s, and staid a little while, and then to my father’s, where I found Mr. Sheply, and after supper went home together. Here I heard of the death of Mr. Palmer, and that he was to be buried at Westminster tomorrow.

Saw a strange blue container a man's height outside afterwards, but was hurried along prior to investigation. I shan't discover the nature of that strange doctor, for I fear he is now travelling.
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OmieWise, that's the same reason I excused myself from the first run, too.
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Tuesday 2 January 1665/66 being post night, against my will took leave, but before I come to my office, longing for more of her company, I returned and met them coming home in coaches, so I got into the coach where Mrs. Knipp was and got her upon my knee (the coach being full) and played with her breasts and sung, and at last set her at her house and so good night.

I say! How ribald!
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Well, he did write it in code for a reason.
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I am so glad to see this starting again; thank you for posting it. I'm in the same boat as OmieWise too.
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Pepys is my straight up jam.

If you must use twitter follow Pepys and PeeWee Herman, the rest is trivia.
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Good grief, I'd forgotten that the man never had a thought he didn't write down.

(The entries, of course, are interesting, but the annotations/comments below them are *fantastic*.)
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Thanks for posting this beagle. BTW, my first name is spelt "Phil".

Rustic Etruscan: Pepys wrote his diary in shorthand, not code, although the more scurrilous parts were written in a strange mixture of words from different languages, which aren't too hard to decipher.

Sorry to post so pedantically. It's probably what Pepys would have wanted.
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Phil's got a four-digit user number and we can't spell his name right?! Let's show some respect!

I had forgotten David Quidnunc left the very first comment on the diary, and I'm reminded once again of how much I missed his contributions when he went away for whatever reason.

> I say! How ribald!

That's just a teaser; it gets a lot more ribald in coming months and years. Keep reading!
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Thanks for the correction, fabius. I got Pepys mixed up with that bore in Pnin who keeps a minute and encrypted record of his life in blank verse.
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It's great to see this relaunch. The first run was a fine early example of using social media (we called it "Web 2.0" back in the day, kiddies) for storytelling.
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