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enchantMOON is a "Hypertext Authoring Tablet" featuring hardware design by Yoshitoshi ABe. For CES the company behind the tablet, Ubiquitous Entertainment, created a series of shorts directed by Evangelion veteran Shinji Higuchi. Some more details about the tablet can be found here and on the official Facebook page. Current details about the UI suggest it takes inspiration from Hypercard and Alan Kay's Dynabook.

Physically the device is unusual for a tablet in that it has a handle that can be used as a stand as well as an included smart pen. A lengthy article (Japanese-only) has more pictures as well as a video of the user interface in action; handwriting recognition is used to find a picture of the moon and bring it on to the main screen.

The "enchant" part of the name comes from Ubiquitous Entertainment's EnchantJS library for making HTML5 games.
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Not sure what to make of those vids, but you had me at HyperCard.
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You had me at 'Yoshitoshi ABe'. I've wanted an ABe-inspired device ever since I saw Serial Experiments Lain.
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I'm with anaximander. In a lot of ways, Lain was a catalyst for my career working in information security.
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Yoshitoshi ABe does That 80s Apple Commercial! Nice.
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All winner A10? Shame they went cheap on the hardware.
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Similarly, Serial Experiments Lain probably did a lot to get me into cognitive science.
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Excellent, the first tablet that comes complete with its very own toilet roll holder.
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Excellent, the first tablet that comes complete with its very own toilet roll holder

Yeah, my first thought was that it seems wedded to a portrait form-factor, which I don't see as an advantage.
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Well, they showed it to Alan Kay. They're saving the details for later, but it seems like he liked it.
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