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HERadventure -- "What would happen if the societal issues affecting women put other planets at risk? Well, of course, HER, a Black female superhero, would swoop in with a plan to save the universe. HER is central to HERadventure, a science fiction-based, multimedia platform project that interweaves virtual worlds, digital and social media to create a gaming and storytelling experience. HERadventure not only entertains but tackles social issues that permeate the daily reality of many women."

"HER enlists a corps of “superheroes in training” (HERadventure users) to take meaningful action and offer solutions to issues such as negative self-esteem, discrimination, eating disorders, and depression, which are causing women’s auras to suffer. These issues are dealt with through visual metaphors in a 3-D environment. HERadventure users “teleport” through various levels of the gaming experience by using social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook..."
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How is Spelman College involved? I think I got lost.
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Oh figured it out; the mobile site redirects to the homepage.
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This looks nifty.

From the "more information" link: "HERadventure is scheduled for release on International Women’s Day on March 8, 2013."

Remind me to check back in March!
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Hope someone posts this when it goes live. The original link is a hassle to open from a mobile unit, but the more info link had, well, more info anyhow, so mobile users can probably skip right to that.
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Call me pessimistic. It smacks a little too much of the same problems that educational games have, that "eat your vegetables" feeling. Something you play because it's Good For You, not because it's a fun experience.

And as much as I admire the games for change ethos, I think the overt message and woo around women's auras and somehow gamifying improving self esteem is going to actively work against the message being received by anyone who really needs to hear it. Even if it IS the most fun game in the world.
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