Two Men, One Sky: A Flight to the Finish
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"THE CLOUDS stretched across the Texas sky like a highway. And soaring along those lanes, lofted nearly 8,000 feet by the hot air rising from the earth, two hang gliders raced in tight pursuit of the most prized feat in this high adrenaline niche sport: farthest ever flown." The NY Times on breaking the hang gliding long distance record.
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What a lovely article! I had to check the byline to see it's not Langewiesche; it's A.G. Sulzberger. Great story getting inside the pilots' heads.

Here's a Google Map of the route described in the article. Note this is following roads, not exactly the flying route. But it sure hits home just how far this is. If someone told me they were going to fly a hang glider from Laredo to Lubbock I'd have checked to see if they ate the worm out the bottom of the bottle the night before.
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How did they pee?
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How did they pee?

The article mentions them freely relieving themselves onto the terrain below. I went hiking some years ago with a person who said guys would fly from an area we went by (Horsethief Canyon in San Diego County) up to Palm Springs, and they would catheterize themselves for the trip.

It's interesting that they have a tow plane for hangliders - I know that's the norm for regular gliders, but at the couple places near me that hangliders and paragliders frequent, they're basically just jumping off a cliff.
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Hang gliding is something I have always wanted to learn to do, and the distance that these guys flew is indeed pretty amazing. That said, it kind of sounds like these guys are sort of assholes.

--The archetype of the adventurous Australian, [Durand] was known to friends as someone who operated best with a few margaritas or at least a decent hangover.

--The pilots almost universally hated [Zapata], cursing the second-rate Mexican food and the motel room scorpions that kept them company during what could be weeks of waiting between flights.

--"Why people go bowling or play golf is simply beyond me." ... Dustin Martin was at his home in Scottsdale, Ariz. [a town with a median family income of $97,000]"

--When the flying was over, often with them winning the top two places, they would spend the night together swilling beer and taking their chances with women.

That reporter really must have found these people insufferable.
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Loved the article. Also loved how it made everything else in the print edition of today's NYT sports section seem inconsequential.
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Yeah, this was great. And though I've never hung out with record breakers, it wouldn't surprise me that they were assholes, it's an archetype of high achievers in a lot of fields. (Except for my own, laziness.)
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That's a great article. Reading it at breakfast this morning made my day. I appreciated how the writer and graphic designer got all of the aviation details correct.
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Great story. I could use a margarita too.
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um, eponysterical.
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How did they pee?

The article mentions them freely relieving themselves onto the terrain below.

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um, eponysterical.

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Great article. The pacing mirrored the feat itself: I found myself not wanting it to end, but resigned to the fact that it had to.
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That's some epic stuff.
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Really good writing. Call me old-fashioned, but reading this on my porch with a cup of coffee on Sunday morning was 1,000 times more enjoyable than all the whizbang multi-media crap that rolled out with the NYT avalanche story.
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