How appropriate. You fight like a cow.
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The insult swordfighting from LucasArts' Monkey Island series is now available as a standalone browser game.

(If you get stuck, responses to some of the insults can be found here...but soon you'll be wearing my sword like a shish kebab.)
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I am a dab hand at this, at least, with insults from the 1st game. I read somewhere that Orson Scott Card, the author of Ender's Game, helped Ron Gilbert come up with the insults. Absolute genius
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This explains a lot about both Scott Pilgrim and the Order of the Stick.
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First you'd better stop waving it around like a feather duster, man.
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For Halloween 2004 (I think), my wife, roommate, and myself went as Elaine, Guybrush, and LeCuck respectively. For people who recognized the characters, my wife made "I Beat the Swordmaster" T-Shirts, and by "make" I mean "wrote 'I Beat the Swordmaster' on white men's undershirts in magic marker." She spent a fair bit of time doing this, though, to make sure we had enough. Unfortunately, only three people recognized us, so we we had a ton of leftover shirts to that point that two years later my wife was still wearing them on a regular basis.

What I'm saying is, I'll play this game, but if I win please do not give me a shirt.
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I'm imagining Card and Gilbert coming up with insults...

Card: "You are a vile homosexual and no part of civilized society."
Gilbert: "That's not really what we're..."
Card: "You are an impertinent homosexual and deserve to be a second-class citizen."
Gilbert: "No, look, it's..."
Card: "You fight like a dairy farmer."
Gilbert: "I like it."
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Indeed, I forgot about Scott Card's turn to the vile side. Should've channelled it at pixelated pirates a bit more
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Sweet, it has the load screen monkeys from MI2.
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More insult swordfighting here.

-Engarde! Touche! -Oh that is so cliche..
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This game doesn't work as well if you remember them all from 20+ years ago.
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I hope that didn't sound like complaining. It was really just an oblique way of saying how much I adore everything about Monkey Island (except for the puzzle about getting the fish away from the seagull).
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Well there goes my evening.
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