the face as a canvas
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A Family Affair by celebrated Dutch makeup artist Ellis Faas. Her brother is the model and her daughter created the music. Faas says, "As a late teenager, I visited the Tate Gallery in London and was blown away by a Francis Bacon triptych. It made a great impression on me because of the use of colour - it was unnerving and stunningly beautiful at the same time. Bacon inspired many experiments I did over the years." (via The FaceCulturalist)
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My Halloween costume plans just got quite a bit more ambitious.
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Lovely, haunting, and fascinating. Also, although it should be obvious from the name alone, the via link is well worth a look as well.
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That was very cool. She's quite talented. It was interesting how the the makeup both hid and revealed the person underneath. It's difficult to articulate.

It made me think of a joke-like skit I once saw at a work event. The participants (co-workers) had to wear masks, which removed, for the audience and participants, the embarrassment and awkwardness that would have been present without the masks. It made the humor accessible, without the cringe factor of being put on the spot.

This reminded me of that. I see a created face but I know a real face is there as well.
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Oh man, Ellis Faas' makeup line is like the Aston-Martin of makeup. It is really modern and sleek, well-crafted and the quality is absolute. The video was beautiful and I just kept staring at the gorgeous colors and textures.
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There's a pretty interesting short interview with Ellis Faas and she talks about her makeup line.
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Good find mjj. A decorated face is also quite fun.
Reminds me a bit of Chinese face changers.
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adamvasco, that face changer link is wonderful, thanks!
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