Has the cordless telephone been invented
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Premiering this week at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, two Youtube video channels! ...

1. The Screening Room: A selection of short films, including The Event, Irish Folk Furniture, and Black Metal.

and 2. Adam Carolla's new "Video Podcast Network" VPN, featuring video content from his own audio podcast network as well as Scott Aukerman's Earwolf, The Big 3, and Nerdist. Live streaming at this link starting tonight.
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But doesn't Nerdist have its own YouTube channel? Yes it does.
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Hmm, perhaps I was wrong actually... the Nerdist podcast You Made It Weird will be featured tonight, but they aren't a partner for other shows it looks like. My bad! Thanks Mssr Wendellfoop!
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The catnip short is pretty amazing. I'm surprised no one has done something like it before.
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