Xiao Xiao
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In 2001, Zhu Zhiqiang began uploading a series of martial arts animations featuring stick figures to Newgrounds.com. The name of the series was Xiao Xiao.
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I wasted so much time on this, and the spin off sites. Amazing stuff. Cheers!
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Somewhere on a lonely forgotten directory of one of my hardrives, exist all of these movies in the original formats.

Also, Red Vs. Blue in realplayer format. And a bunch of Homestar Runner rips.

I am old.
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This is a total blast from the past.
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And now I remember being SOOOOO frustrated they never released Mutilator 3.


Kind put me off the whole trend.
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I remember playing the vaguely FPS one with some friends in the computer lab and feeling like we were getting away with something.
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Also from this era Ninjai - original site dead but mirror of episodes 1-12 here - (warning : stylish flash violence and cheesy voicedubs)
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I loved Xiao Xiao. The FPS flash games were awesome.
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Oh man. I loved this. One of my favorite early viral videos/memes.
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Was Madness related to this in any way? I think I still have that somewhere. Looks similar, but more guns and zombie Jesus.
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