Raumschiff Orion
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Raumpatrouille – Die phantastischen Abenteuer des Raumschiffes Orion [EN] ist eine deutsche Science-Fiction-Fernsehserie, die am 17. September 1966 von der ARD ausgestrahlt wurde, zwei Wochen nach der erste Sendung von Star Trek. Alle sechs Episoden der originalen Serie sind jetzt im Youtube verfügbar:

-Episode 1: Angriff aus dem All

-Episode 2: Planet außer Kurs
-Episode 3: Hüter des Gesetzes
-Episode 4: Deserteure
-Episode 5: Der Kampf um die Sonne
-Episode 6: Die Raumfalle
-Episode 7: Invasion

Aber warte! Es gibt jetzt eine neue Staffel, die einige Jahre nach den Geschehnissen der originalen Serie spielt:

-Episode 1: Angriff auf AE3000

-Episode 2: Die Erde in Gefahr

-Episode 3: In der Höhle des Löwens
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I really wish my German was better.

It doesn't look '60s, more fake '60s, though. Curious.
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Wow, das ist supergeil.
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The new series was done by fans! Sadly, the only subtitles I could find were for use with DVDs.
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Why is it that my High School German teacher never mentioned this? This would have encouraged me much more than translations of children's stories.
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That is certainly cool, but do subtitles exist? Even the Germans speak English nowadays.
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Danke sehr!
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Season 2, Episode 1
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"Angriff aus dem All" = "Attack from everything" (?!)
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There's english subtitled versions around on YouTube. A German friend introduced me to this a few years ago, it is fantastic stuff and exactly how the future shouls have been.
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The soundtrack by the prolific composer Peter Thomas is exceptionally groovy, too.
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"Angriff aus dem All" = "Attack from everything" (?!)

No, "attack from outer space." There are a few different words for outer space or the universe in German. Das All, das Weltall, der Weltraum, and das Universum are four of the most common ones. Das All and das Weltall are related. Weltall literally means "world-all", similar to universe (from the Latin "combined into one"). Weltraum literally means "world-space". Universum should be obvious.

Weltraum refers most specifically to what we would call "outer space" (i.e. the more-or-less empty space between planets, stars, etc). Raum is used in that sense in Raumschiff, "spaceship". Weltall has a broader meaning, more like "the cosmos" or "the universe" but is sometimes used (along with das All) to mean outer space.
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My initial reaction was that we were aboard the USS Designer Chair, and according to Wikipedia I wasn't wrong: "Lots of designer furniture was also used, notably Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's 258-type couch, Harry Bertoia's Diamond-type armchair, Yrjö Kukkapuro's Karusseli-type armchair, Charles Eames's Aluminium group #EA105 chair, George Nelson's DAF Chair and Eero Saarinen's Tulpe table/chair combo." The cheesiness of the rest of the sets and props shouldn't blind us to the fact that the crew was comfy as fuck.
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sebastienbailard: "Season 2, Episode 1"

Strangely, I understand 100% of his fake Eastern European accent, but sometimes stumble on her perfect German.
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Wow, that control room still looks futuristic after almost 50 years. Impressive.
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I love this foreign language FPP. (And the designer chairs)
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The soundtrack to this is one of my desert island albums, but I've never gotten to see the actual show. Thanks for this!
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Ah, vielen dank! Ich habe die erste Sendung gesehen aber nichts mehr, und freue mich sehr, die ganze Serie zu geniessen. Ich find es total geil, dass es solche Superfans gibt, die eine neue Reihe von Sendungen herstellen wollen und können. Wie ihr wahrscheinlich seht, ist mein Deutsch nicht das Beste, und Science-Fiction-Serien schauen ist die beste Weise, es zu verbessern.
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Oh, I love this series, with its dorkiness, its giant hairdos, its really silly dances, and its depiction of of 60's Austrian bureaucracy IN SPACE! And most importantly, the diagnostic instrument that's clearly actually an iron. :D
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I also like the fact that some of the controls are actually bath taps.
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One of the controls is an electric iron, seen clearly at 01:36 in the first episode. This leads to an extremely obscure gag in the German card came Space Beans (a variant of Bohnanza) in which a card depicts a character on a spaceship ironing his sock.
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*Gallic shrug*
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I saw the electric iron in the first episode, and raise you the french press space ship, upside down alarm clock display, hammocks and control room-in-an-apartment from the incredibly low budget "Ijon Tichy: Raumpilot" (previously). What is it with awesome German science fiction?
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Here's a google translation of the fpp text:

Orion spacecraft

Space Patrol - The Fantastic Adventures of the spaceship Orion [EN] is a German science fiction television series, on the 17th September 1966 was broadcast by ARD, two weeks after the first broadcast of Star Trek. All six episodes of the original series are now available on Youtube:

-Episode 1: Attack from Space
-Episode 2: Planet Off Course
-Episode 3: Guardians of the Law
-Episode 4: Deserters
-Episode 5: The Battle for the Sun
-Episode 6: The space case
-Episode 7: Invasion

But wait! There is now a new season, playing some years after the events of the original series:

-Episode 1: Attack on AE3000
-Episode 2: The Earth in danger
-Episode 3: In the cave of the Lion
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Nur für die Zukunft weil wir nicht finden können, umgekehrt.
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I started watching the first episode just to get a feel for what this was and ended up watching the entire episode. Bathroom fixtures notwithstanding, this is easily as good as Season 1 of Star Trek. And I don't speak a word of German.
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Not surprised that the first 10 minutes of the first episode are all about bureaucracy.
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A couple of suggested improvements to the Google translation:

Planet außer Kurs = "Planet out of Orbit".
Die Raumfalle = "The Space Trap".

(I guess this is an example of bessermachen: "Always wanting to improve on other people's work.")
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Ich wusste nicht, dass es möglich war, auf Deutsch zu posten. Aber ich freue mich darauf. Danke für die Serie.
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Danke schön aus den Niederlanden! Ich habe gerade die Lebzeit um mich die Serie zu erinneren.
Thank you from the Netherlands! I am just old enough to remember the series. Since we lived not far from the German border, we were able to receive german television. In this way I also learned to understand the german language. It was around the same time the second german net (ZDF) showed Star Trek (Raumshiff Enterprise), sunday evening ten past six. Note that the at the time german television dubbed ALL foreign series.
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Vielen Dank! Sie sieht cool aus, die Fernserie. Mit der übe ich gern mein Deutsch.
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The key to understanding German rapidly was given to me by my eldest uncle who had done his masters as a scholarship holder in Heidelberg. He studied Design Engineering. He said it has the same grammatical structure as Sanskrit.
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