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The ballad of Red Buckets. "Richard Mason was a high school kid in Boston when he formed his band Insteps and recorded his first songs sounding much like the early Cure. ... Red Buckets began at University of Pennsylvania around 1982, and eventually brought Richard and the band into the context of Crazy Rhythms-era Feelies, the Hoboken music scene at Maxwell’s, Dream Syndicate passing through, and the proto-Yo La Tengo record machine."
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This story initially appealed to me as a neat footnote of mid-'80s Hoboken underground rock involving some of its more legendary figures. But in the end, I relate most to having a brilliantly talented friend who passed on before making his mark in the wider world, whose music still speaks to me louder than almost any other. So many of us have known and loved people like that.

(Dana Spiotta's latest novel, Stone Arabia, is a great read on that subject.)
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