Trenzinho Carreta Furacão
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Meanwhile, somewhere on the planet, Captain America, Mickey, Popeye, Fofão and a generic clown bust some moves.
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I had just this dream last week.
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Based on the large number of strikingly similar "related" videos in the sidebar, it would appear that this (people in shitty costumes dancing in a line) is an actual thing.

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Some 'splaining (in portuguese - short version: these guys make a living getting hired for parties as part of an actual business, and the videos were posted by some of the partiers or onlookers, then went viral, much to the delight of the owner of the firm).
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ocherdraco: I love that the only social network link on that page is orkut. Also, what the hell is that?
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As far as I can tell, Fofão is kind of like the Brazilian Alf, but from a children's variety show, not a sitcom:
"Fofão is a fictional character in the defunct Brazilian children's television show Balão Mágico ("Magic Balloon"). Played by Orival Pessini, Fofão became quite popular among Brazilian children in the 80's, getting to have his own program, along with records, dolls and various licensed products.

Fofão is an alien being from a planet called "Fofolândia." In the program Balão Mágico, from Rede Globo, Fofão made ​​his first appearance in 1983. Initially, he did not speak, but only emitted sounds that were interpreted by Simony. With the success of the character, which increasingly gained space in the program, Orival Pessini also created the character Fofinho.

Fofão was so successful that, with the end of global program in 1986, he earned a daily show, TV Fofão on Rede Bandeirantes, which featured skits and cartoons. His program on Rede Bandeirantes ran for nearly four years, from 1986 to 1989. Its programming included cartoons, paintings and musical comedy. The character was also the protagonist of a feature film called Fofão e a Nave Sem Rumo, in 1989."
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