Modern, Old-Timey Love
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"We must never travel separately again.” Author Eve Pell on old, young love.
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D'aw. I think I teared up a bit where she says she even got him flowers on his ex-wife's birthday.

What a sweet story!
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Just beautiful. My own grandfather died about 10 years ago and we worried about my grandmother - they had married very young and had been basically inseparable for 50+ years. But a few years ago she met a man in her retirement condo and they were married a year or so later. They maintain separate apartments (across the hall from one another) because the units are so tiny. Their shared cat goes back and forth and they clearly adore each other. They come from similar cultural backgrounds, they go to church together, he cooks for her, and together they maintain a fairly substantial vegetable garden on the periphery of the condo property (with the permission of the management). It's just plain wonderful. There are a hell of a lot of worse ways to spend your extra-golden years.
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"I gave him flowers on Betty’s birthday." That is beautiful.

And this, "I learned to give hospital nurses $20 Starbucks cards to get special care for him", is terribly sad.
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We traveled to Italy to compete in the 2007 World Masters Athletics Championships (what I fondly call “The Geriatric Olympics”), where we both won gold medals in our respective age brackets: 70 to 74 for me and 80 to 84 for Sam. At home, we planted a garden; I finished writing a memoir. Every morning we did push-ups;

Geeze, way to make this 30 year old feel utterly, crushingly inadequate.

Seriously great story though.
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What a wonderful story. Our hearts stay young no matter how damn old our bodies get, as long as we're open to it.
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Aww, the oldest and simplest stories are often the best and the sweetest.
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Beautiful and sweet. Thanks.
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Beautiful. Thank you so much for posting this.
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Mumble mumble something in my eye
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That was a lovely story.

But their high level of activity made me like a sloth.
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Aww, geez. If only we could all have some of that.
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“We are so lucky.” And we were. Young love, even for old people, can be surprisingly bountiful.

Geez, these new contacts are really bugging my eyes.
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That is beautiful.
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