"Someone is assigned when there is no one else."
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The Designated Mourner (2002); a radio adaptation of Andre Gregory's 2000 revival of the Wallace Shawn play, starring Shawn, Deborah Eisenberg, and Larry Pine.
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I would assign Sapphire & Steel, but that is just me.
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Wow, somehow I never knew that this was made into a movie.
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For a second there, I thought it said Larry Fine (aka Larry from the 3 Stooges), which would have given the play a completely different tone.
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direct mp3s: part1, part2, part3
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I saw a local production of this here in Houston back in 2010 that was extraordinary. That group (The Catastrophic Theatre) has done several Shawn plays, including Marie & Bruce, Our Late Night, and The Hotel Play.
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