Nikolai Tesla's Planetarium Collection
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That yellow text is the perfect shade, it burned out my eyes exactly like a high voltage arc.
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I'd really like to see that show, despite his website.

/br /p /center
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Wow. Just a couple days ago, elsewhere a completely different post about planetarium projectors sent me off on a hunt for the old projector used at the Bishop Planetarium, which I have fond memories of. There it is on the website, the Spitz STP.

So thanks for that bit of synchronicity.

I wish I could remember its nickname; it was "The Beast" or "The Death Star" or something imposing like that. :D It was an awesome planetarium, but they've gone 100% digital now.
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I'm not the only one who was increasingly alarmed by the size of the font in the first link, am-- am I?

My last visit to a planetarium ended in disappointment when the projector sat still and didn't do much. There was a show with stars and planets being shined onto the ceiling and stuff but it stayed switched off.

100% digital


I guess I missed the viewing window for this kind of stuff, eh?
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