Good morning
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Wake up, wake up, good morning!
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That is fascinating. Great find, avocet, thanks.
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Anyone in the Finnish army should remember these questionable wake-up songs.

Johnny's Ihana Aamu, while not terrible, at least terribly incongruous for your first day in the army getting used to waking up ridiculously early.

Meiju Suvas' god-awful Status Quo-cover Kun Lähdet Armeijaan is just terrible.
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It starts getting interesting around Gemini 7 (Lovell and Borman's 2 week orbital mission) since they obviously had plenty of time to kill, and get creative with the music. Another well-known anecdote from that mission is that of Lovell and Borman continually singing Nat King Cole's He'll Have To Go (sometimes referred to as "Put Your Sweet Lips a Little Closer To The Phone") with each other.
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Wow. Thanks!
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I'm having a hard time verbalizing the cool that this is!
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During the shuttle missions I was always very on top of what was played for whom. Most of the time it was shiny happy garbage like Louie Armstrong or some crooner, or a band that the astronaut's friends (or the astronaut himself) played in, or a classroom of kids careening through something. All the obvious "space" songs, like Space Oddity and Rocket Man and Also Sprach Zarathutra, were well represented ad nauseum. But occasionally you'd get something novel and good.

Bob Behnken usually had some heavier selections, e.g. Metallica.

The foreign astronauts and the African-American astronauts often had great picks.
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If floating weightlessly above the world isn't the time to play "Damn it Feels Good to Be a Gangsta'", I don't know what is.
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