A bit of nostalgia for canucks who were kids in the 1970s (youtube vid)
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I'd been searching for this for some time and recently discovered that someone had unearthed it.

I always remembered the jingle and the flying lips. I still love the candy to this day. Enjoy!
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Indeed. Remember it well.
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That's awfully suggestive for a candy ad.
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Is it "Junior Forest Rangers"? Because if it isn't, I'm not watching it.


I remember it too, and yes, it is pretty suggestive, if you like all that Hippy shit. And who doesn't?
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This seemed to suggest some wise, older world that existed outside of my very limited childhood world of small town '70s British Columbia.

So, thank you and curse you all to heck for putting that damned song in my head, where it will remain lodged for at least the next 3 years.
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Whoa. Yeah. I totally remember that.
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Apparently the Rolling Stones logo moonlighted in candy commercials for a while.

BTW, this is awfully mystery meat, post-wise. So much appears on Metafilter's front page that most stuff that doesn't immediately catch my eye gets overlooked, and I refresh the front page obsessively. At least something on the front page to tell us what this is would be nice; just canadian and 70s and kids I think would turn off some people even who are all three of those.

Just saying.
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I was born in '79 and I still remember seeing that commercial.
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I remember getting Cherry Blossoms from my grandmother, and while I enjoyed them, it certainly wasn't to the level that those lips were.
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man, I don't think anybody loves anything the way those lips did.
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Loved that commercial as a kid. Still hate cherry blossoms though.
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Now you've done it. You've got me browsing more of those old ads on the right, like this one.
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Zips shoes. I wanted them more than anyone's wanted anything. I figured they'd turn me into a prepubescent Six Million Dollar Man. 30 seconds in.
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I have no conscious memory of that commercial, but something in me recognized it immediately. Scary.
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Holy crap, I remember that commercial.

I also remember, even as a teenager, thinking that Cherry Blossoms were too sugary to be palatable.
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That's sick. That's hella sick.
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cherry blossoms were a rare treat at home, or when i was in toronto, but they are everywhere in montreal, and while conceptually i love them, how the liquid center spurts is terribly inconvient.
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To this day I still do the zipping the zs thing before I start running. It's why I never win races.
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Wow. Interesting how much the animation is so similar that of the Beatles' film Yellow Submarine.. It's uncanny.
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It's a whole aesthetic that had many practitioners, all to some extent Nouveau- and folk-art-inspired disciples of Peter Max's style. Since this post went up I've been trawling the MeFi archives looking for another, really similar discussion of some American psychedelic-animation ads and things like Sesame Street's Twelve, Bic Lighters, BeechNut, Wylers, etc. Can't really find any of those threads, except for the IHOP one.
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My god, I'd forgotten it totally. How about that.

Cherry Blossoms were ace as long as you got rid of the actual cherry. The rest (chocolate substance, goo, some other kind of sugary paste) was divine.
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Forgot about that completely, recognized it instantly.

Now if anyone could name me the Quebec kids' teevee show that featured a yellow and red football-shaped spaceship, and confirm that I am not insane, I'd be much obliged.
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I don't *remember* that commercial either yet I think, unconsciously, I've been searching store shelves for the last thirty years, not understanding why I couldn't find them. Or, upon finding some other cherry-in-juice chocolate covered confection, not understanding why it still wasn't right.

And then I gotta jump over to Proust because he's the standard bearer for it, and gotta wonder what if he had written it about these instead. I mean what if his referents were tv and processed foods, would it be any less powerful? Cause I didn't know what a 'Madelaine' was until around the time I read him but if he'd written about the straw (I remeber that straw, and the lips kissing the thing) I'd have probably hailed him as the high god of everything.
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Don't remember it, so I thought I'd share this one with you all.
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I buy a cherry blossom everytime I go grocery shopping at my very old school grocery store (as in not a huge conglomorate) but is it me or are they half the size they were when we were kids. Also i miss seven up bars...
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Nothing to do with that ad but does anyone remember a short movie that was shown in schools in the 70s of two young girls running through the city trying to touch as many fur coats as they could?

Been looking for that for years. No luck. Around the same time as Paddle to the Sea, I believe.
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So remember the commercial. Absolutely hated the candy: a gluey, overly sweet mess.
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Oh man, I haven't thought about that in a really long time, and recognized it immediately. I'm not even Canadian, but i grew up on the Great Lakes and the only TV in the house picked up more Canadian television stations than American.

> BTW, this is awfully mystery meat, post-wise.

As somebody who begrudges mystery meat posts immensely, I gladly give this one a pass. The link is a thirty-second video, not an hour-long lecture or a thesis about abstruse things.
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The Cherry Blossom, like KFC, is one of those commercial food products from my childhood that I develop an unearthly craving for every year or two. Luckily, actually consuming it turns off the craving immediately.

Also: the Cherry Blossom unofficial unboxing video.
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Oh yes, I remember this!
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ardgedee, that is true. I mentioned it not to carp, but as a suggestion as to how the poster could get more people interested in it. Of course, I did watch the video, and I'm not Canadian, so maybe I'm wrong.
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