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Brody Stevens: Enjoy It! (2, 3, 4, 5, 6) is the story of cult comedian Brody Stevens—his friendship with Zach Galafianakis, his falling out with Chelsea Lately, his infamous "Twitter meltdown" and, of course, his credits.
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This LA Weekly story is an interested discussion (stupid "suicide bomber intense" comment aside) of his break down and mental illness (for those who would like to read some background).
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This is wonderful. Thank you for posting.
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When I first saw this, the "yes and" exercise during the improv class in episode 5 made me laugh harder than anything has in years.
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That was way more engrossing than I expected it to be. Just skip the first two episodes and watch episode 3, where Brody's mental illness and the mental illness that is Hollywood (physically manifested by the first-class alcoholic known as Chelsea Lately) finally sit down and hash it out.
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This is everything I was hoping for from that Maria Bamford post.
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This is fantastic. Thanks for the post. Really interesting when his friends are asking 'what should we actually do?' - I'm glad it goes into a bit of detail on this. Maybe it will end up helping out someone less famous one day.
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Following him on instagram is a really good decision.
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So, I've only watched ep 3 thus far (and it was quite engrossing so I assume I'll spend my morning watching the rest of Brody's journey) but uh, was I the only one that thought Handler was kind of a bitch? And by kind of I mean "God woman, tone down your horribleness!".

Was that a schtick? Is that just how her relationship is with Brody and I missed that because I haven't watched all of it yet? That just seemed like a really flippant, dismissive attitude towards a guy that was struggling and had humbled himself before her. Lordy.
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Hangover! Hangover 2! Due Date! Cut from Funny People! Stay WITH Me.
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is this... real?
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Finally watched this. It's real. Chelsea Handler sucks. This is prime evidence that comedy can be dangerous--it is not to be entered into lightly.
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