From the mouths of babes...
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Also, kid's got some chops! At like... 6 years old or whatever he is. Damn.
posted by kavasa at 6:42 AM on January 27, 2013

posted by MrVisible at 7:58 AM on January 27, 2013 [2 favorites]

...that's not a sentence! Love it.
posted by dbmcd at 9:05 AM on January 27, 2013

He's a lot more positive than Teenage Girl President.
posted by maryr at 9:17 AM on January 27, 2013

Gabbi is the daughter of acquaintances. She is indeed fighting cancer like a boss.
posted by wallaby at 11:44 AM on January 27, 2013 [4 favorites]

My friend sent this to me yesterday, and I found it surprisingly, well, effective. I DID kind if need a pep talk, and it put me in a better mood.
posted by flaterik at 12:35 PM on January 27, 2013

Kid President previously
posted by JauntyFedora at 2:28 PM on January 27, 2013

What will be your Space Jam?
posted by daniel striped tiger at 6:46 AM on January 28, 2013

Went to post this today and you beat me to the punch!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero at 3:57 PM on January 28, 2013

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