"Will treaty lead us to form a “Treaty Empire” or a “Treaty Rebellion”?"
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Northwest coast native artist, Andy Everson explores pop culture and native rights in his prints. Kwakwa̱ka̱'wakw artist Andy Everson's image of a hand holding a feather has become synonymous with the Idle No More Movement, which has shifted the Canadian political spotlight on First Nations issues in recent months (previously). But I predict it is his C3P0, Yoda, and LEGO figurine self portrait giclée prints that will be irresistible to many mefites.
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My sons collect mini figs something fierce. How awesome would it be for LEGO to release a tasteful Native American set? Their generation is so far removed from that part of our society; at least where we live now. I grew up in Montana so I had a few Native grade school friends, and had plenty of exposure (my mom also worked for the Historical Society). Andy seems like a great guy, and I'm envious that something he created is being used in this way.
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I walked past that art in Gastown. Wonderful stuff.
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Andy is a treat. Met him a couple of times canning fish at his mom's house. His mom, Mary and I used to work together in the mid nineties, and we became good friends. She raised her son with a strong sense of his lineage and a wicked sense of humour. He does some cool stuff, including animating lullabies to teach language.

Here is a HuffPo article explaining that these prints are deep social commentary on the BC treaty process. And on this index page you can see the names and archetypes Andy associates with these characters.

In our communities (indigenous west coast) we joke a lot about treaty making using Star Wars analogies. We talk about rebel forces and the Empire and our Elders being like Yoda and so on, so these prints have a real cool edge to them, capturing the zeitgeist really well and with Andy's trademark fierce sense of humour. They do a beautiful job of sharing an in joke with the world and they stand on their own as awesome hybrids of western and indigenous archetypal story telling.

Thanks for the post chapps
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You have predicted correctly! Especially Yoda. Swoooon.
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I love that Yoda's ears are killer whale tails.
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That image of Yoda and Andy's accompanying words have stirred something in me and caused me to consider some things that I'd never really thought about before. Which is both wonderful and sobering. Well done, sir.
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> In our communities (indigenous west coast) we joke a lot about treaty making using Star Wars analogies.

The title of this post *does* sound like a line of dialogue from The Phantom Menace.
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