The Real George Orwell
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The Radio 4 on the BBC is presenting a month of readings from George Orwell's books. Some of them will only be available for one week from the date of broadcast, so be quick.

The shows presently available are:
A radio adaptation of Animal Farm (First broadcast on Saturday 26 January 2013 and available for one week only)
A dramatic presentation of Homage to Catalonia, Part 1 (available until until Monday 11 Feb 2013)
The first of a biographical drama in four parts, The Real George Orwell: Burma (available for more than one year)
Part 1/10 of Down and Out in Paris and London (available until Monday 18 Feb 2013)
Start the Week: Allan Little explores the legacy of George Orwell's essay Politics and the English Language.

Additionally, the BBC presents a collection of Orwellania from its collection George Orwell at the BBC.

Orwell seems to be a favorite on Metafilter, so: previously, antecedently, in afore times, hitherto, heretofore, in the past, precedently, formerly, as we were and as we have always been.
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Thanks for tipping this, Joe. I love when Radio4 does "A Month of..." specials but am in the US so don't always hear about it.

For commuters or non-streamers, to download this or any recent bbc radio content, go HERE, download the wma file, and use winff to convert to your preferred audio format. This is all legal and works even if you are out of the uk. (I'm just a fan and have no connection to either site.)
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Thanks so much for posting this. I use the iPlayer a lot, but missed this.
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If you have a Mac and you live outside the UK the best way to download is the Get iPlayer Automator.
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Sigh, why can't we have anything like the BBC in the states? Thanks for this, listening through the discussion of Politics and the English Language now.
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