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This year's BAFTA Awards are promoting themselves with gorgeous original illustrated posters.
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There should be a poster of the WILTY segment where David Mitchell alleged to have once killed a rat with his BAFTA.
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As much as we complain about articles that are a slideshow only to increase ad views, I'd much rather read one of those than have an ad pop up in the corner of every single image. Terrible.
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Yes, I also came in here solely to complain about the ads. They got one click-through from me because I missed the 'x'. Bastahds!
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Ad-free images at the designer's (agency's?) website here.
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I knew there would be comments about the ads. I closed the first one and then others kept sliding in and then RAGE! Thanks for the link Troika, I wonder if we can replace the link in the FPP?

I'm on the fence about watching Zero Dark Thirty (I don't really like watching violent films) but I think I like that poster best.
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BAFTA: Beautiful Artwork—Fuck These Ads!
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Oh my these are lovely.
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Also, those ads are a totally new kind of hell.
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The ads on this site have had an effect on me. The affect is to find and install ANY ad blocker software I can find. Signed - Camel with straw-broken back
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lovely illustrations, thanlks for the ad-free link, troika.
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