Guerilla theatre. May contain actual gorilla.
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Founded in 1999 and quickly winning over theatre critics and audiences alike, Abattoir Fermé is an avant-garde collective that was awarded the 2008 Flemish Culture Prize for its "penetrating and ominous theatre."

From a focus in its early days on productions that dealt with the dark underside of society, developing works inspired by gothicism, taboos, counter-cuture and outsider art, Abattoir Fermé is still working on new performances and projects today [some links possibly NSFW] .

Three hours of music from 4 out of 5 of their 'silent pieces', composed by Pepijn Caudron aka Kreng, was recently made available for streaming by Norwegian label Miasmah.
Works for Abattoir Fermé 2007 - 2011 evokes "a similar mood that Alan R. Splet and David Lynch achieved in 'Eraserhead' or Howard Shore in 'Videodrome'."
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Sort of felt compelled to make a comment, or add favourite (I'm profligate with those things).
And Chrome absolutely will not even open the FPP linked enjoying the YT video though.
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Nice post -- I'm a big fan of Kreng. Works for Abattoir Fermé is fantastic stuff; it expands upon the whole "dark ambient" thing by adding ample acoustic elements to the usual electronic palette.
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