EU migrants robbing pensioners while Britain's flooded give you cancer
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The curious lifecycle of Daily Express headlines: health scares, weather scares, EU villainy, migrant scares, pension scares.
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The Daily Express is a strange paper. Since exhausting everything that there was to print about Princess Diana it has flailed about trying to find its identity. It appears to have settled on the Daily Mail "make people afraid" model as the way forward. It's not as offensive as the Daily Mail, but it's not that far off really.
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Newscomics. We expect nothing less.
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I really dug the post Christmas headline contradictions - "New pension crisis on the way", yet three days later the headline reads, "Milions will get pension boost"
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I always thought that the formulaic headlines of the various tabloids were rather pleasing aesthetically, when properly set to music of course.
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Interesting, thanks for posting this Martin.

I wonder how close you could conceivably get to a hypothetical Express trifecta (quinfecta?). Best I can do is "Brussels bureaucrats force sick pensioners to collect benefits in gale".

It's funny which themes are left out of the top five if you look at the uncoloured ones: "economic nationalism" (the purported "boom" was just in reference to the FTSE surging in response to the U.S. fiscal cliff deal, not a very British "boom" if one at all), "get stuff cheaply" (travel agents' ad space in all but name), "royal baby", "royal baby", and "pensioner scaremongering" which should rightfully have been filed under "health/illness".

And then of course there is the Daily Mail Headline Generator.
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goodnewsfortheinsane: "And then of course there is the Daily Mail Headline Generator"

That's just fantastic. On my first try, I got WILL GYPSIES IMPREGNATE CLIFF RICHARD?
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Of course, Britain's broadsheets aren't immune to this sort of satirical ill-treatment. [NSFW; childish; frequently hilarious.]
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