Brutally Honest
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Best known for their Honest Trailers [previously], Screen Junkies also features a fantastically entertaining youtube feed where silly interviews, behind the scene movie footage, and strange reviews abound.

[Screen Junkies]

Zombie Acting Tips with Rob Corddry [a favorite]
Django Unchained Toy Review in South Central
Raw Commentary: Jack & Jill (Adam Sandler & Al Pacino)
2013 RAZZIE Nominations: Worst in Movies!
How to Fix DIE HARD 5
2012 Screenies Awards! - The Best & Worst in Movies & TV
Drunk Waxing with Judd Apatow, Paul Rudd & Leslie Mann [so much a favorite!]
Raw Commentary: The Muppet Christmas Carol (Michael Caine) [previously]
Man of Steel - Trailer Review by Hollywood Superman
Jewish Elf - Official Trailer
Lord of the Rings: Gandalf .GIF Megamix
Fantasy Fantasy Football (with Paul Scheer!)
Thankful (Hateful) Comments of the Week!
Twilight: Breaking Dads! - Trivia Showdown!
Raw Commentary: Lord of the Rings (Ian McKellen) [another favorite]
Disney's Star Wars Auditions!
Jedi Mind Trick Prank (with RomanAtwood)
Celebrity Ghost Hunters!
"Honey Boo Boo" Responds to Christopher Walken!
Dexter Morgan's Laboratory
Christopher Walken Reads "Honey Boo Boo"!
Tips 2 Not Get TAKEN 2
Disney's Looper (1994 Trailer)
Avengers Haters Assembled!

[Honest Trailers]

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
The Lord of the Rings
Dark Knight Rises
Twilight 3: Eclipse
Twilight 2: New Moon
The Amazing Spider-Man
Paranormal Activity
The Avengers
The Hunger Games
The Dark Knight
Phantom Menace 3D
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Nice post! I guess the honest trailers count as parody and are protected speech?
posted by Renoroc at 11:53 AM on February 4, 2013

The Honest Trailers are hilarious; the Inception one makes the great point that I keep making that Nolan's dreams are boring as hell - no flight, for one. Every lucid dreamer flies!
posted by Charlemagne In Sweatpants at 8:01 PM on February 27, 2013

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