Wild Bill Cooper
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In the early 1970's Bill Cooper headed up an expedition to snowmobile 5000 miles from Minnesota to Moscow. After not completing the trip and returning home Wild Bill turned his talents towards “The Marijuana Air Force”, an endeavor, amongst others, placing him on America’s 10 Most Wanted list of the U.S. Marshals. They never caught him. Using footage from the '72 expedition that has been stuck away in attics and basements filmmaker Mike Scholtz made Wild Bill's Run. The strange but true story of a snowmobiling outlaw. And you can watch it for free tomorrow, 7pm EST, on Outside magazine's website.
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Because the hijacker identified himself as Dan Cooper, and a movie about the hijacking, The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper, came out in 1981 — while “Wild Bill” was among the nation’s 15 most wanted men — the rumors that Bill Cooper was Dan Cooper began to circulate. (From the "They never caught him" link)

As soon as I read the post I started thinking about D.B. Cooper, although I agree that any connection is farfetched.
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Is this the same dude?
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