The man who got rid of corsets.
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Paul Poiret was known as the King of Fashion who broke the rules.
The cult of celebrity around the couturiers was more or less his invention.
“It was my inspiration of artists, in my dressing of theatrical pieces, that I served the public of my day.”
His fashion at the Metropolitan Museum. He died penniless and nearly forgotten.
Elsa Schiaparelli (prev) paid for his funeral. Paul Poiret A Critical approach.
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Getting rid of corsets was a HUGE blessing for wome! Literally corsets were a means of oppression.
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Yes and no. Extreme corseting, yes, kind of oppressive. On the other hand, before the invention of the modern brassiere, a corset was your best bet for proper support.
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Stunning clothes. Perhaps YSL was influenced by him re: the ethnic fabric thing?
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