Presidential Monsters
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Presidential Monsters -- And now you know the truth about our government!
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It's strange, my first instinct these days is to assume any cool thing like this is in fact a piece of contemporary art and thusly will not be for general purchase. In this case I was proven wrong. Granted, I'm left with a lot of complex thoughts regarding what art is in this day and age.....Also, Bill Clinton as The Werewolf had me laughing in an out loud fashion.
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A friend of mine lost his late-night talk show on the local radio station because he interviewed someone who claimed he'd seen President Obama "morph into a Reptilian".

the same station that uncritically plays shows claiming that john of god can cure cancer by sticking things up your nose. apparently only certain wacky stuff is ok.
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And some times they are birds!
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Needs FDR as a Dalek.
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Those are way better than they have any right to be.
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Romney was president when?

(And Bush wasn't a monster enough?)
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Oh. Ron-mey. Stupid eyes.
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And some times they are birds!
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My friend collects modded action figures, like the ones Sucklord makes. He also has an action figure he bought of Obama pleasuring himself. He's going to love these.
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I'm just going to pretend that's Kennedy.
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Wolf Bill *

* Now with new "get some action" grip
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My fave is Zombush. In Canada we have this creepy offering.
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In Canada we have the creepy offering.
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Baracula Available in Set of 7 Only

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These are so neat. There's been a lot written about how the rise of different monsters in the collective consciousness can indicate fears about certain things, and I love how they've lined them up so neatly. Barack the Vampire, the perpetually foreign, too sexy other; Bush the Zombie, unthinking follower, mindless consumer, sexless and inherently corrupt. Werewolves are associated with rampant uncontrollable animal desire, especially sexual desire, so making Clinton a wolfman makes perfect sense. I suppose you could say Lincoln is not his own man really any more, but exists as a pastiche of images, speeches, and ideologically charged histories. I particularly like Mummy Regan, dusty and preserved, a continuing curse on the political landscape.

/too much plate, not enough beans.
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And W. H. Taft as The Blob!
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I believe at this moment Taft is toottling around in magic bathtub as one of the Undead Presidents in Deadpool.
Wearing a top hat.
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Wave 2 Pre-Order Bonus Figure: Jimmy Carter as The Amazing Colossal Man.
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More are coming!
Jacksferatu and Yeti Roosevelt! Martian Van Buren! Romney the Robot!
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