I've only smelled earthworms in mono...
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The common mole is nearly blind, but it makes up for its poor eyesight with a nose that can smell in stereo
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Unless you're the last mole in the tunnel.

Then all you smell is molasses.

/third grade joke
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I think I always assumed that smell wasn't directional, since, unlike some of the other senses, you only smell the molecules that are physically close to your nose.
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I found out from a snake handler at the Boston Museum of Science that snakes also "smell" in stereo with their forked tongues, so the tongue functions (like stereo hearing) as a direction finder.
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I've only smelled earthworms in mono,
and for that, I'm eternally glad,
for, spelunking, I'd have to smell guano.
I'd say these poor moles have been had.
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Hi-fi moles eschew stereo for the purity of the mono mix.
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Well, I'm glad we learned something from sticking things up mole noses.
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Catania placed a mole into a circular arena with food wells spaced around a 180-degree circle.

Ugh, science journalism. Do you mean 180-degree arc?
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"Even humans can do this if pushed to it"

I cannot wait to put this in the special skills section on my résumé and see the look on smell the reaction of my interviewer.
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