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The Q&A With Jeff Goldsmith is an irregularly released podcast where Mr. Goldsmith interviews, at length (each episode runs an hour or more), working Hollywood and foreign screenwriters. The most recent episode is a panel conversation with the year's Oscar-nominated screenwriters. You can listen to the podcasts on his site or subscribe in iTunes or on Android.

Goldsmith is also the publisher of the terrific screenwriting magazine Backstory--currently only available for the iPad but coming (eventually) to the web and Android. You can download the first issue (which is wonderful, and contains full length scripts along with the interviews and stories) for free.
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A lot to digest here. Going to listen to a podcast on the train home. Backstory used to be in print, no? Am I changing history in my mind again?
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Not that I'm aware of zerobyproxy. I don't recall a screenwriting mag called Backstory before (at least not since 1990), and even if there was one, this is a different thing. Goldsmith used to be an editor at Creative Screenwriting mag, though.
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Any other particularly excellent episodes if I'm just going to listen to one to judge whether I want to continue? I'm not a film geek but I'm very interested in storytelling. (Love Ondaatje/Murch's The Conversations, Marc Maron's WTF, etc.)
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If you like this, you'll probably like Scriptnotes, which has John August (Go, Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and Craig Mazin (Hangover films, Identity Thief) chatting each week about various aspects of screenwriting. I don't even want to be a screenwriter and I find it fascinating.
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The Nerdist Writers Panel podcast is a good complement to this focusing on tv writers.
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