Who By Fire
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Get your CanCon on! Buck 65 covers Leonard Cohen in a new video directed and choreographed by Jacob Niedzwiecki. The video for 'Who By Fire', inspired by the motion of a pendulum, just had its world premiere at New York's Lincoln Center as part of the 2013 Dance on Camera Festival.
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I came across this the other day, thought it was fantastic. Jenn Grant's backing vocals are lovely.
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Thanks for the Jenn Grant link, oulipian! Her backing vocals are lovely indeed!
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This track is from Buck 65's latest album, 20 Odd Years, which came out about over a year ago. You can stream the tracks on Grooveshark, and possibly MySpace, but I can't check that link from here.
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I love Buck 65. He really does have a perfect voice for covering Leonard Cohen.
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ohyesgodilovedthisfromthefirsttimeiheardit! (Both versions.) I agree that all the singing, especially Grant's, is just lovely, but the sparse instrumental closing really wraps it up perfectly.

Buck 65 (as Rich Terfry) hosts the drive-home show on CBC2 -- really worth the time. You can catch some old pieces, such as Rear View Mirror, on the show page (under "Audio").
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I'm not much into hip-hop, but I do love Buck 65's stuff. Have to check it out.
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Buck 65 (as Rich Terfry)

My husband always hears that as "Rick Stir-fry."
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Big Buck 65 fan here. A few of my favorite albums to check out via Grooveshark, should you be inclined:

This Right Here is Buck 65
Secret House Against the World
Talkin' Honky Blues
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jgaiser, Buck 65 has slowly but surely been moving away from hip-hop, and 20 Odd Years is a lot less hip-hop focused than his past albums, with Buck singing more than rapping, and the musical accompaniment ranges from electronic-ey to folksy/quirky indie-rock type and chamber-pop. This particular song is no different, a beautiful duet set to guitars that build to include some weird percussive/ electronic elements, followed by violins.
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I like to imagine that CanCon is a fan convention comprised entirely of fans of the kraut rock band Can.
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Jenn Grant's backing vocals are lovely.

I was going to say it was a Jenn Grant-Buck 65 duet as much as a Buck 65 cover.

I'm not a huge fan, but I saw Buck 65 open for somebody at the Fillmore and he was pretty fucking awesome.

That said, this video is not what I expected. Can't say I like the cover much nor the video.

But it does make me want to listen to the original ... with Sonny Rollins!
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perfect voice for covering Leonard Cohen

The perfect voice for covering Leonard Cohen is always Jennifer Warnes.
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Want more Buck 65 singing Leonard Cohen!

mrgrimm, I prefer Madeleine Peyroux to Jennifer Warnes.
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I'm both a fan of Buck 65 and Leonard Cohen. I certainly agree with the sentiments that Jenn Grant's backing vocals are great, but I must say I'm a tad disappointed.

In my opinion, when you cover someone's materials you should give it a new feel, a new breath, a new perspective. Amanda Palmer covering Material Girl, Cowboy Junkies covering Sweet Jane or State Trooper are good examples of this.

Leonard Cohen covers I think do a good job of this include Concrete Blonde performing Everybody Knows, Nick Cave performing Tower of Song, The Flying Lizards singing Suzanne (check this one out, it's pretty awesome), and Coil doing Who by Fire.

Thanks for the post though, I did enjoy the song (and yay, Buck 65!).
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I have to agree that it's a decent cover but just too close to the original to be all that interesting to me.

I'll add Jackson Browne's version of A Thousand Kisses Deep to the list of covers that take a different path from the original. The Teddy Thompson version of Tonight Will Be Fine and Antony's If It Be Your Will, both from the I'm Your Man movie/soundtrack, are wonderful reinterpretations as well.
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Don't forget Teddy Thompson's cover of The Future!
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I beg your pardon. I was expecting this post would be about Kon Kan.
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Wow, Buck 65 is still around. Haven't thought of him in years. Though I do still think of The Centaur occasionally.
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Is it because of his big c**k, or his love of classical music? Or the sample from Carrie?
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