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New New You.

Less than a week after the album was released, Seattle's Jetman Jet Team cover My Bloody Valentine's New You. They do pretty good Jesus and Mary Chain and Neu impressions, too.

I wonder what the cover half life will be in the future...
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this seems more like a comment for the existing thread than an FPP.
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... but it's nice
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Poor Kevin Shields. No wonder he couldn't face getting out of bed for 22 years.
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I remember Adrian Belew covering "Free as a Bird" within a day or two of its release, and Momus doing the same with the new David Bowie single.
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I like this version better. It's louder and spacier and prettier and surprisingly very well done for such a short amount of time. The video is stunningly beautiful, too--is that all Tokyo or am I watching a collage-city? I recognize little glimmers here and there, but it feels like a patchwork city with bits and pieces of lots of major world cities stitched together.
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