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"If you've ever read a silver age comic book in your life, chances are you've seen the ad for World Wide Diamond Co., once located in windy wacky Chicago IL. And if you sent away for one of their smallish, 48-page, newsprint mail order catalogs then you absolutely uncovered a world of REAL hidden treasure!"
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Every mod deserves a Space Pilot Helmet! The Glo Kitty looks too scary, though.
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My personal favorite is the "Alleged Chinese Good Luck Ring inscribed with Chinese alleged LUCK symbols."
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You can place Blonde figure in Bathtub. Others cannot. Figure will pop out. Only those who know the Secret can make mysterious Blonde Stay in Bathtub.

If I saw that written anywhere else I think I'd immediately call the police.
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I just always assumed these companies were fronts for something, the strange thing is you can still find some of these things, with the exact same packaging and design.
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I would like three pages of this catalog blown up to poster size to hang in my den for next Quonsmas, please. One page should be the one with REAL FRENCH TYPE PERFUME, but the others are left to your discretion. TIA.
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Oh god, the snapping gum. I had forgotten about that.
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Seattle's own Archie McPhee has this about covered.
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A fun book on a similar topic.
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My favourite one is the switchblade. You're expecting it to be one of those joke novelty switchblade combs, but, nope, it's the real thing. One dollar and forty-nine cents.

Looks like their mailing address, 2451 S. Michigan Avenue, was bulldozed to make room for the Stevenson Expressway. That would seem to date these to pre-1964.
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Primethyme beat me to it, but that book is fantastic. He gets the actual objects that were advertised and compares them to the advertisements.
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I didn't know those ties were supposed to be joke ties.
That explains a lot from the job interviews.
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That thing is like eight months' worth of the back pages of Boys Life.
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This brings back memories of when being skinny was a problem I had.
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One of the switch blade knives (a Dixie switch) is selling on ebay for $125. It would have been a good investment!
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