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Robbie Maddison's Air Craft (slyt) Motorcycle stuntman Robbie Maddison, who worked on the James Bond movie Skyfall, shows off his skills at an Arizona airplane graveyard. Like Danny Macaskill with a motor, or Ken Block with fewer wheels, kinda.
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Mad props to the folks who decided a Porsche was the proper vehicle to mount a camera crane on! Great video, thanks for posting!
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Riding was great -- location was interesting, but, man, that was one annoying film to watch. The director should be flogged.
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Arrgh. Ignore my comment. That was rude of me.

And for those of you into motorcycles...
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I didn't think it was possible they filmed that chase in Skyfall actually on the roof of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, but hell, they did.

(And is it me or does it look like they were pretty much up there unsupervised, like someone just said, "Sure, go for it"?)
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I removed my favorite out of respect of the retraction, but...
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As a (mostly terrible) trials rider, I am compelled to submit Dougie Lampkin riding through Goodwood House on his Beta.
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Should be re edited with This Song.
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