I want to be let alone to listen to my damn records.
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Noted filmmaker Allison Anders (recent L.A. Weekly profile) won 50 rock and pop records once owned by Greta Garbo at auction. She's listening to them, one by one, and writing about them at Greta's Records.
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It will be very odd indeed - and I would question the authenticity of this collection - if there is not at least one ABBA LP in the bunch.
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Ugh, Crosley.
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Ugh, Crosley.

Seriously. You can afford to buy Greta Garbo's (alleged) record collection on auction, but you play them on a cheap piece of monophonic plastic?
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Neat idea.
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She's not a music writer - or any kind of music writer - and her musings on what Garbo may or may not have said/done/thought while listening to the records make me cringe, but this is pretty interesting anyway. I like the photos.
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