Idem Paris
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IDEM PARIS is a new short documentary film by David Lynch on the art of lithography. Read Lynch's intro to the piece.
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Here's a BBC interview with Lynch in the Idem Paris from 2011.

It looks a bloody wonderful building and studio
posted by dng at 4:57 PM on February 13, 2013

This place is exactly the sort of place Lynch loves to photograph. This is fantastic and so, so good to see him putting together compositions again.
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Something tells me all the clanking, wheezing, scraping, hissing, etc. is at least half the reason for his love of the studio.
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Yes, the sound is one of the best parts. Also, the relationship of the technicians to the machine shows their mastery.

His movies always remind me to be attentive to sound to hone my awareness. In particular, there's that scene in Mulholland Drive in the conference room and you can hear the air conditioning unit as a slight rumble. It's sort of comedic, but it casts the scene with the sound up front.
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