Meet Afghan military's first female helicopter pilot
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"Malalai has seen more of Afghanistan than many of the white-bearded men who run this country. She's been travelling in the cockpit of military helicopters since she was two months old; her mother is an Afghan army pilot." This is a beautifully illustrated long read.
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"When anybody asks Malalai whose daughter are you, she never says her father's name. She says, I am the daughter of Latifa the pilot."

I, uhm, must have gotten something in my eye this morning. What a strong and beautiful article.
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Astounding, thank you.
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My mother was the first female navigator in the US Air National Guard. She always hoped I'd be an astronaut. (I'm not) I wish we could both meet Latifa and Malalai. How incredible and how inspiring this woman is. I don't even have words for how impressed and humbled I am.
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For about two seconds that first photo threw me off. I thought, "jeez, she's kinda young looking, isn't she?" and then I realized the woman in the background was the pilot.
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That's great.
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Love it! And looking forward to reading more in the series.
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Great post. Thanks!
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The fact that she's a military pilot in a country which doesn't value women's rights is amazing enough. That she's had her kid on board for the last 5 years is stupefying. Utterly.
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