NAAAAAAH! (R.I.P. Tim Dog)
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Rapper Tim Dog died today, at age 46 after a long bout with Diabetes.

Tim Dog was Appreciated, inspirational, a golden age example of Classic Wackness, a Con Man outed on Dateline, and arguably the instigator of the East/West coast (nsfw audio) rap beef of the nineties.

As mentioned in the above Wiki link, Tim Dog got his start with the Ultramagnetic MC's, and started a group (Ultra) with Kool Keith, which lead to the founding of Funky-Ass Records, and the first Keith Album "Sex Style"

Hip-hop Encyclopedia J-Zone (twitter) might have been his biggest fan (with a bit of satire on the side), but plenty of folks on twitter are expressing their loss.

If you prefer video to text: J-Zone discusses Penicillin on Wax.

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"Your bark was loud
but your bite wasn't vicious
and them rhymes you was kickin'
were quite bootylicious."

-Snoop Dogg on "Fuck wit Dre Day" (2nd verse), which was essentially Dre enlisting Snoop to do his "retort" to Tim Dog's diss track.
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Kuanes: He calls him out in the line before that: "T.I.M. M.U.T."

Tim Dog actually responded to that with "Bitch With A Perm" but the album was delayed, and no one beat Snoop and Dre on Dre Day, especially not 2 years later.
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See, I always thought he was still referring to Tim in that line that I posted.

Shows what I know about a diss track.
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Yep, everything you quoted was right. It just started the line before.
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Snoop and Dre had his epitaph ready for him; for most people that's how he is going to be remembered.

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I used to think that line was "toe to toe, till I n-u-t." (It makes sense, though, because that song's mostly putting dicks in the mouths of one's enemies). I'm sorry, Tim. And I hope you'll be remembered for better things than being told by Snoop to eat a fat dick.

46 is so young, too.

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"The first shot fired in a war that never should have been."
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If he watched what he ate and switched to lean dicks, he might still be with us.

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And Luther Campbell is the sole remaining survivor.
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A discussion between my girlfriend and I this morning:
Me: Tim Dog died.
Her: Tim's dog died!
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How about the 25 year old boxer who just died of gallbladder cancer (I forget his name because I didn't know of him before that.) random example.
make sure to live a healthy lifestyle or you'll live to regret it.
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This post is worth it for the tags alone.

Rest in peace.
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Blockhead did a nice R.I.P. post today.
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10 of his finest moments.

J-Zones R.I.P.
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