"Slow paced, very spacey, the music is so intriguing..."
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Montag's Gay Porn Archives Lo-Fi Mix. Carpark Records signee Antoine "Montag" Bédard has put together a mix using nothing but gay porn movie scores for your listening pleasure.
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Pics or....
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Maybe I'm just used to the pace of porn in these modern times, but this was a little too slow for my tastes. If you feel like I do but still crave porn samples in your bloopity-boop music try skirtlifter by MeFi's Own™ loquacious.
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I'm currently reading And the Band Played On, and this mix is both weirdly appropriate and unsettling.
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Tangential Coil awesomeness: Theme from Gay Man's Guide to Safer Sex.
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Wow, this is as sexless as a Moby album.
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Music in gay porn is why I hate gay porn as the subject of moving pictures.

Well, that and I happen to think the best gay porn ever came from the trembling Brownies of the hard-working men of the Civilian Conservation Corps in the thirties, so it's all blurry joyous monochromatic snapshots from before we learned how to make sex into the ossified performance of cultural cues.

If I want to hear music while I'm horny, I'll get out my rusty trombone, thank you.
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From the title I thought this was going to be about 2001 A Space Oddysey.
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I've listened to this all the way through a couple of times now and it's quite good. It's like an alternate history of disco/techno, blurred out and stacked together. It's particularly interesting hearing this music without the impetus of the usual Porn Story Arc, where the music fades out to a bunch of cheesy grunts and moans. It's particularly striking when some bit of melody you recognize comes through.
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It's particularly striking when some bit of melody you recognize comes through.

I like this mix, especially because the tempo is so slow and it's hard to reconcile with contemporary hardcore porn, but I was a bit surprised to hear Pink Floyd's The Grand Vizier's Garden Party pop up at around 8:21 and Gary Numan's Cry, The Clock Said at 13:00. So, not quite based entirely on porn scores, but well done nonetheless.
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Thanks for placing the Pink Floyd sample, it's so out of place and bizarre. But I took it to be lifted from a porn film, a cheesy flute interlude after the moment of passion was spent.
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