365 Days of the Black Hero
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Last year, freelance cartoonist and illustrator Wardell "War" Brown drew a daily sketch of a different Black hero, both fictional and real life, starting with Storm and ending with Muhammad Ali. For those clever clogs who'd now like to point out 2012 was a leap year, he got you covered.
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Yay, Jesse Owens!
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I have no idea who most of these people are (not being American and all) but there are already more black inventors than I knew existed, and that's probably what you'd call neat right there.

I mean Kelvin Doe alone does things with bits I wanted to do when I was half his age, and that alone impressed my socks off.
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For the record, I like the hell out of this. Thank you for sharing it here.
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This is a cool project, great way to learn more about a domain and to really force yourself to practice a skill. I bet it was a lot of fun, and the sketches are nice. (Also, although he's obviously skilled, the faces aren't always recognizable to me, and it's interesting to reflect how difficult caricature is.)
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And hey, Willie O'Ree, "the Jackie Robinson of ice hockey"!
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O'Ree was blind in one eye too?!
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I was wondering if Condoleezza Rice was going to be in there.

Can't decide if it's a bit odd seeing there, but it wouldn't seem quite right to leave her out or.. if it would have been odd not seeing her, but it wouldn't seem right to put her in.
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