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The Plastinarium of Dr. von Hagens - A view into the world of plastic corpses.
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I saw Body Worlds in Vancouver, and was simultaneously impressed and disappointed. The poses into which the bodies have been plastinated really do demonstrate something about how the body works, how it fits together and how complex an entity it is. At the same time, the plastination process leaves things looking a bit dessicated, and combined with the posing, the whole thing has this 'uncanny valley' effect where it looks not quite real.
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It's all too real to me.
I wrote a letter of complaint to my local when they splashed an image over the front page.
I have hard time with this issue, so much so I was pleased when it emerged he was getting corpses from China under dubious circumstances. I guess those complaints vanished.
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There's a definite difference between seeing them in the flesh, and as a photo. The photos look gruesome and horrific, but the bodies look plastic and inert in person.
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I went to a free 4am Project photo shoot at the Birmingham, UK Bodies Revealed It was a pretty shabby setup. It's conceptually interesting but the execution really felt like it was done on the cheap ( and the exhibit tickets were not ).
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It's worth pointing out that there are several copycat exhibitions making the rounds, too. The Bodies Revealed exhibit that srboivert mentions is one of those, as was the "Our Body: The Universe Within" show that was here in Chicago a while back. These copycat exhibitions seem much less picky about where their bodies come from, and, as a result, have run into significant problems exhibiting in the past -- the allegation here was that the preserved figures were the bodies of executed Chinese death row inmates.
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In fiction, the film Anatomie, where surprise plastination is the work of the Anti-Hippocratic Society.

Hagens' work can really be quite impressive. One display I saw was an entire circulatory system, and only the circulatory system.
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Unfortunately most of von Hagens's arrangements have a freakshow aesthetic.
But that circulatory system floating in crystal is as powerful as anything I've seen in a museum.
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Von Hagens can arrange his corpses in a mock coitus

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I find this pretty creepy.
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