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Cairobserver is the start of a conversation about Cairo’s architecture and building, urban fabric and city life. A well curated blog about Cairo featuring both Arabic and English essays.

The "content is not restricted to a theme or an approach or a style of writing or a discipline. It can be about heritage, about an old postcard, bad restoration, interesting appropriations of space, or street art. The goal is to start a conversation about the city that includes as diverse views and experiences as possible."

Besides the Featured Articles, there is an excellent Tumblr collection of old Egyptian images called Vintage Egypt and more current photos in Picture Masr. The Lessons From Elsewhere section looks at initiatives in other cities that might work in Cairo, as well as a Q&A format in Resident Perspectives.

And if you are looking for a specific building or neighborhood, you can check the Cairobserver Map to see if it has been written about.

The site is edited by Mohamed Elshahed, an NYU doctoral candidate in Middle East Studies Department, but much of the site is contribution based.
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Very good, this. Thanks, Corduroy.
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This is interesting stuff. Thanks for the post.
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